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Metal Carports Kits or Timber Carports

November 1, 2011


I have been asked by many people about my recommendation on metal carports kits and timber carports and why I prefer metal carports kits over other carports such as timber carports and brick carports. I am not against timber carports and if you can maintain a timber carport, it is one of the options for you; however I would like to add few points, which are mentioned below.

Timber Carports Kits– Flexibility in Design and Styles

The beauty of timber carports is that these can actually be designed in a variety of styles and structures; however you will need a carpenter or any other skilled person to design a timber carport. The other benefit of the timber carports kits over metal carports kits is that if you have designed your carport well matching with your adjoining structures, look of your garage and shed will be much better than the garage made by metal carports kits.

Metal Carports Kits- Durability and no expenses on Pest Control

Now, if we focus on the disadvantages of timber carports or wooden carports over metal carports kits or especially steel carports, a non-treated timber carports kits, although will be slightly cheaper than metal carport kits will require huge cost in treatment and annual maintenance. The other disadvantage is that even after the regular annual pest control treatment, the life of timber carport is not as good as that of metal carports. Timber carports if not specially protected often get deteriorated by extreme climatic conditions and therefore it is less durable.

Metal Carports Kits– Used Metal Carports Kits can be Cost effective Durable Solution

The other major advantage of metal carports kits is that depending on your budget you can even go for second hand or used metal carports kits as used metal carports kits are cheaper and a good quality used metal carport kits can even be safe to use for 10 to 15 years and even more. However, it is really difficult to find a good quality used timber carports kits that can be in good condition.

Metal Carports Kits – Assembling Ease

I have also noticed that a steel carports kits or aluminum carports kits can easily be assembled as you will have to fix nuts and bolts, however in case of timber carports kits, you will need to align various parts while assembling the kit. Further with metal carports, you can get rigid structures while you will need extra support or much thicker wooden kits to make a rigid structure with it. Actually timber carports are only desirable when you need a short term solution and if you are looking for a permanent solution for 20-30 years, it is advisable to go with metal carports.

My Final Thought

So, there are the advantages and disadvantages with both metal carports and timber carports, however I still feel that metal carports whether made from steel carports kits or aluminum carports kits are better options for the point of durability, less maintenance and no worry of dramatis and .environmental conditions such as heavy rain or extreme sunlight.

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