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Carolina Carports – An Affordable Solution for your Garage

August 15, 2011


Have you heard about Carolina Carports? I am sure you must have heard Carolina carports as these are the most affordable and stylish metal buildings for protecting your vehicle, boat or even animals. You can get a variety of metal carports kits , garage kits, aluminum carports, steel carports as readymade Carolina carports buildings at that too in different color combinations so that these are not only attractive but you get the carport of your choice at minimum cost.

A large number of items can be fabricated from a DIY Carolina carports and whatever you need, you get a carports kits to make the garage, workshop, shed or even a metal building. You can also get a variety of carport plans to accommodate all your needs in style and size that best fits your available space to protect your vehicle, materials or even animals.

Types of Carolina Carports

Whatever you have to design from a Carolina carport kits, you can do so yourself by selecting the right Carolina carports kits and thus can save huge money.  Although there are many types of Carolina carports, however most common are roof style and boxed eve style, the details of these is summarized below.

(i)      Roof Style Regular Carolina Carports: The regular style of Carolina carports is most common and these are typically built with metals with a traditional barn roof. The regular metal carports kits are most cost economical and these are available in various tubing sizes, however most common tubing sizes is 14 gauge and 12 gauge. The regular Carolina carports come with the 20-25 years guarantee and these are certainly the first choice of large section of people.

(ii)   Boxed Eve Style Carolina Carports: These metal carports are more stylish and are built in a fame roof so that these carports are fixed beside your home. As most of the homes have a frame roof and therefore these boxed eve style carports are designed in keeping the architecture of the house in mind, which makes these attractive, stylish and matching in design with the house. Although the cost of a boxed eve style carport will be slightly higher than the regular carport.

So, Carolina carports are world famous, most economical, stylish available in steel and aluminum carports kits and useful for making barns, steel buildings, garages etc, and with the DIY guide, you can really make the right metal carports for your need.

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