Are Metal Carports or Metal Carports Kits useful in Building Pole Barns?

January 2, 2012

Pole Barns

I have been asked by many people whether metal carports made from metal carport kits can be useful in making pole barns. A very difficult question to answer indeed and until and unless I don’t know the use of the pole barns, I can’t really answer it.

A pole barn is generally a larger structure than a typical garage or carport and these are more or less used for multiple applications such as large storage of livestock, animals, etc., however these can also be used for number of other applications such as sheds, storage buildings, carports and garages, shops, workshops, industrial buildings, homes etc. A pole barn contains many vertical poles and thus the weight of the buildings is carried by these poles instead of the side walls as we generally see in all other metal buildings or conventional homes.

Thus a pole barn will have large space inside and he space can be used for multiple applications as I have said earlier but the load carrying capacity is the most important factor for durability and stability of pole barns and therefore well designed pole barn kits or any other carport kits should only be used for building pole barns. A pole barn or it is better to say a traditional pole barn will consist of wood and or metal kits and is relative economical than the same size metal carports and will be better fire resistant as well. Another major difference between pole barns and metal carports will be its color, door style etc., however now many pole barns kits available in the market have customized products and you can get of color and door or window style as per your choice.

Pole barns plans and pole barns kits are available in the market easily and you can search online for the best quality / price pole barns kits, however you should also ensure that the manufacturer or supplier provide you complete information such as installation guide, the other items and materials required for installation and total cost of the pole barn kits including the insurance and transportation costs. Many manufacturers can also recommend the mechanics that have rich experience in installing the kits.

Now, we come to the question again and by this time, you might have seen some advantages of pole barns kits over metal carports kits and as well you might have decided the size of your carport or your pole barn. If your, pole barn is in the range of 50 feet and more, building it using pole barn kits will be much economical than metal carports of the same size and therefore if you are looking for a larger size metal carports even to be used as garage, you can definitely opt for pole barns, however if you are only looking for around 20 feet size, metal carports made from metal carport kits will be the best choice. So, depending on your final application, you can really come to a decision whether you need pole barns or conventional metal carports made from metal carport kits.

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