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Metal Carports Kits for Making Car Canopy

November 27, 2011

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Metal carports kits are common materials that can find applications in making a variety of shed, buildings, garages etc., and these are also available to make a car canopy. A typical car canopy will require metal carport kits to cover the car so that the car is protected from intense sun rays rain, snow etc. The carport canopy will require a suitable carport kits to make a shed that is open from more than one side and therefore the cost of the material is fairly low. These carport canopies can either be permanent or can be also used for short duration during a particular weather such as summer or rainy season.

Car Canopy – What you need to know before you buy?

If you are looking for a car canopy, you will first need to know what the required size for your canopy is and whatever it is you will definitely get a prefabricated car canopy kit that suits your requirement. Once you are ready with your size, you will need to know which metal carports you will go for as both steel carports and aluminum carports have their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the climatic area you live, you can finalize suitable metal carports kits for your car canopy. For example if you live in windy area, you will need a sturdy canopy and you should go for steel carports.

These are easily available online now a days and if you google, you will get a number of online stores offering the metal carport kits for your requirement, however at the same time you will see a number of styles and you can select a suitable plan. If possible you can also try searching these carport kits in your local stores and if you get in your local stores, it will be slightly cheaper as you will not required to pay huge transportation cost especially if you buy the car canopy kits from neighboring city or state.

Budget for Car Canopy kits

Are you worried about the huge budget required for a portable car canopy? You shouldn’t if you have little bit bargaining skill, you can get a suitable carport kits in the range of $300 to $400, however if you go for a closed car canopy, that is covered from 3 sides, you will need a little higher budget in the range of $500. Depending on your requirement, you should bargain and bargain tough so that you get your car canopy kits at an optimum price.

Many manufacturers provides a warranty of at least five years and you should also ask for the warranty and further the other terms and conditions such as installation and transportation cost should be discussed with the manufacturers well before in advance. It is also advisable to take care of the proper maintenance of your car canopy by either yourself or through a hired mechanic.

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